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Opening The Doors... Digitally!

As The 3XP Group is doing, many businesses are realizing that it is almost wasteful to physically open a storefront location unless it is needed for the type of business and local market. The digital side of business today is much cheaper and more efficient than physical storefront operations. Of course, there's good and bad with both. However, for someone operating a small business that does not have a direct need for a physical location of business, the internet remains king!

Regarding, The 3XP Group, we are able to operate digitally to cover the entire United States. We are based out of eastern Iowa and can physically travel to anywhere within the continental United States with little to no notice. This is a plan to deliver our services to any and all that we can without having wasteful spending for a nice commercial office space. Again, if there is no direct need, it's wiser to refrain from such decisions.

This Blog will be continually updated with a healthy variety of topics around operating business today within the United States market, especially the midwestern region. We hope that you and whoever else comes to our site can benefit from the Blog, and if needed/desired, The 3XP Group and our services.

Warm wishes from us at The 3XP Group!


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