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Why choose us?

There are many consultants and consulting firms out there that help identify what is already known about your business, any flaws or weaknesses that exist that are causing the inefficiency or lack of profitability, and some general solutions. That is the difference between other consultants/firms and The 3XP Group. We will do all of those things as well as the most important part of the job that many will fail at. We will actually fix it. We will do it. We will lead this effort with you by our side step-by-step along the way until the goal is accomplished. You have our word on this. 

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Our First Step

We dig into everything finance! From bank statements, account records, business plans, inventory production, inventory ordering, and recurring inventory, pricing, cost analysis, etc., we can see the health of the company on the small and large scale. This will allow us to see the black and white, the outer boundaries as to how the company lives.

Our Second Step

After seeking out and defining the black & white of the business, we must now find the gray area, all of the filler that makes the company what it is... the people, the thought-processes, the personality of the business, and more. This is where we usually find the weakness or inefficiency. That is normal. If we don't find anything, then your business is likely "capped out" and truly doing all that it can, within your capacity, to succeed. If not, we will proceed. If so, we will discuss your options.

Our Third Step

After truly having the "full picture", we can now start the solution process. This step involves a lot of work on our part, but this is where you'll start to see our value take form in your business. Your success is our success, and you can be assured that we won't stop until we have the final solution found and enacted within your business. 

The Process

Each business is uniquely different from one another. Our process isn't as simple as three steps (above), but you get the picture. Besides a lot of analyzing, we have to listen attentively to truly understand you and your business. Most of the time, the business has a direct correlation to you and the way your brain functions. So, we will be getting to know you and your business very well. Without that aspect, we will only be able to help on the black & white areas despite it being likely that the area needing the most focus is the gray area. So, regardless of whether your business is a service provider or retail/e-commerce store, we will be able to get to the bottom of what is holding the business back from succeeding beyond its current level, and we will be able to address it head-on properly with you by our side from start-to-finish.

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